1st Contracts Rochdale
Tel: 0333 414 1967   •   Ashworth House, Littleborough, OL15 8JZ


People and our personalities are at the centre of everything we do. Who we work with, who we do business with, the people we effect in our families and communities.


We are impeccable with our word and only say or do what we genuinely mean and believe in. We will always do what’s right.


Our standards won't be compromised, we expect all aspects of our service delivery to be executed with passion and pride.


If we give ourselves a clear vision both personally and professionally, the fears of not achieving will soon become irrelevant. Anyone can stick with what they already know.

Be Happy

If we enjoy what we do, we will excel at it. We always make the time to enjoy the moment and celebrate the positives.


We treat ourselves, our colleagues and all those that meet us with respect. It costs nothing but can mean everything.


We believe in energising our people who in turn are passionate and will influence any situation. We focus on what excites our business and people in order to be the best.